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We listen first and get to know you as you know yourself. Everything else is built on this foundation.


Everyone's journey is unique and the challenges we face vary. We understand this and focus on you and your specific experiences.


Together we craft personalised plans based on making active choices and enacting real change in your life.


For individuals

Individual sessions are where we work with clients at their own pace and explore aspects of development including but not limited to career growth, relationship maintenance, and general well-being....
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Group sessions are opportunities for individuals with a common purpose and aspiration to share and participate in supporting each other's pursuit of improvement and growth.

Founders Mental Health

The founder’s journey is full of ups and downs that are felt solely and uniquely by the founder and not easily shared with others. Sometimes, these feelings can get overwhelming and isolating....
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Who We Are



Justin started Everyday Empathy to provide resources and support to people who want to manage and develop their own personal well being. He is driven by his own experiences, both as a seeker and as a provider of mental health support, to help those who are struggling to harness the strengths and weaknesses in their mental well-being. 


His professional background spans roles in journalism, digital production, career coaching and technology consultation. Throughout his shifts across industries, his focus has always been on working with people to be the best versions of themselves, whether that meant telling a clearer story, creating a better product or implementing a better solution.


As a personal development consultant and trained professional counsellor, he works with individuals across the spectrum of mental fitness. This ranges from challenges with anxiety, depression or general stress to specific struggles with professional satisfaction or business uncertainty.


Everyday Empathy is a trusted provider of counseling and coaching services in Hong Kong. We specialise in personal development services to help people achieve professional and personal goals. Guided by the principles of coaching, counseling, and mindset training, we take a holistic approach in empowering you along your personal growth and wellness journey.


We fully understand everyone may face emotional struggles, stress and anxiety at different points in life often brought on by concerns in career, health and relationships. When these challenges arise, it is normal and even encouraged to seek professional assistance. However, it can be challenging to access counseling services in HK. Such services could be costly and in some instances, you may have to wait for a long time before you receive help. These issues inspired us at Everyday Empathy to provide the right solutions at the right time for clients. We adopt a flexible fee schedule for our counseling services to provide our clients with the necessary convenience without them needing towait for a long time.


Our core team comprises seasoned counsellors and therapists, and our network of professional partners include clinical psychologists and psychiatrists working together to provide quality services. As the demand for counseling service in HK increases, we endeavor to expand our services and provide for the growing and changing needs of the people who need us.



Counseling is a relational process where a counselling professional (or counsellor) and a client create and build a professional relationship to help the client through a series of time-bound sessions of personal and emotional sharing and discussion.. The counselor provides support and is professionally invested and interested in the client’s wellbeing and success. The methods of conducting counselling or therapy vary depending on the counsellor’s training or approach, but generally the counsellor help the client to understand themselves more completely by providing input or observations from different perspectives. This process of counselling and therapy works by providing a safe and secure foundation for the client to explore their own thoughts and feelings more fully and without judgment, in an environment of unconditional positive regard.


Every client has unique experiences, needs, and attitude towards healing and growth. This is why we take a personalised approach in creating a counseling plan. We use a variety of counseling techniques and methodologies. Most of the time, we apply the methodology from cognitive behaviourial therapy (CBT), one of the most popular types of psychotherapies. CBT works on clients’ ability to adapt the way they think and frame their problems, and how they react to them.

We also offer psychodynamic therapy, which is drawn from a more traditional psychoanalytical approach, where we work with clients on understanding the roots of their problems and any deeper emotional or developmental experiences that may have lasting impact on the client.

Other than CBT and psychodynamic therapy, our team of counselors also uses behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy, and solutions focused therapy, depending on the unique needs and preferences of the client.

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