Why Everyday Empathy?

The idea for Everyday Empathy is simple: To provide people with the support to manage and develop their well-being. That is the principle behind everything we do. 

We chose our name to remind us why this support is important. We hope to inspire empathy in everyday actions, to help people to share, and to provide empathy to those around them.

The foundation of empathy is a healthy self and self-awareness. That is why we treat our clients as active participants in their management and personal well-being development, not passive recipients of knowledge or novices to be instructed. 

Everyone has a unique inner self and voice that is private and often unheard. The team of counselors and consultants here at Everyday Empathy is here to listen to those voices and harness the strength of people’s inner selves, whether the desired development area is emotional, mental, or behavioral. Our goal for all clients is to empower and enrich their inner selves and meet life’s challenges with consistency and confidence. 

Themes of service

We offer a high-level goal-oriented service geared toward helping clients become free and live their lives to the fullest with maximum satisfaction. But what have we put in place to flawlessly achieve this? Let’s take a look;


This is our ability not to withhold any information from our clients. We are determined to be open about our operations, beliefs, and experiences that will aid therapy. The goal is to make clients feel relaxed when we adopt approaches such as Cognitive behavioral and emotionally based therapy that help them with self-awareness enhancement and career development.


We help clients channel emotions through creativity, employing a person-centered approach to help them make better choices of a therapy program that best fits them. Then, with a focus on assisting them in growing resilience, we help them manage their conditions and comply with the therapy procedures.


With an over-concern for practical matters, we integrate positive psychology concepts with a focus on individual strength. As a result, we are helping individuals attain holistic well-being and triumph in the face of negative emotions.


With years of experience, we have come to understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and the challenges we face vary. Our approach is thus to listen first and get to know you as you know yourself; then, we craft personalized plans based on making active choices and enacting real change in your life.


All it takes is a simple spark for depression to set in, and you can either extinguish or rekindle this spark. Unfortunately, 99% of individuals will unknowingly rekindle, so we have decided to step in. Our methods help people understand and effectively manage their emotions and fully comprehend their inner selves through therapy. We navigate their thoughts and feelings to a rightful place for them and ensure they don’t feel the least discomfort while talking about themselves.