Why Everyday Empathy?

The idea for Everyday Empathy is simple: To provide people with the support to manage and develop their own personal wellbeing. That is the principle behind everything we are doing.

Our name itself was chosen to remind us why this support is important. We hope to inspire empathy in everyday actions, to help people to share, and to provide mental health counselling and give empathy to those around them.

The foundation of empathy is a healthy self and self-awareness. That is why we treat our clients as active participants in their own management and development of personal wellbeing, and not as passive recipients of knowledge or novices to be instructed.

Everyone has a unique inner self and voice that is private and often unheard. The team of counselors and consultants here at Everyday Empathy is here to listen and understand those voices and harness the strength of people’s inner selves, whether the desired area of development is emotional, mental, or behavioral. Our goal for all clients is to empower and enrich their inner selves and meet life’s challenges with consistency and confidence.

Themes of service

We are offering a high-level goal-oriented service geared towards helping clients become free, and live their life to the fullest with maximum satisfaction. These follow several core values and themes:


This is our commitment to be open with and proactive in communicating with our clients. We have a determination to be open about how we work,  what we believe, and what directions or  resources may help in the process of therapy.

The goal of practicing transparency is to model and show clients that open-mindedness in a safe and secure space can support and unlock levels of self-awareness and emotional understanding that is the foundation for their own wellbeing and eventual change.


Progress and consistent results do not happen overnight. To build a lasting foundation of wellness requires regular adjustment and commitment to practice. We are not disciplinarians or taskmasters, but we are there to maintain, check in and keep track of our work with clients.

Clients we work with set goals and measurable steps to attaining these goals. The journey to attaining the goals is a not a straight line and we are here to support each difficulty, challenge or even setback on the way there. Being consistently present and accountable is our commitment to progressing together.


We are guided by a simple question: “Is this working for you?” There are many ways to wellness and just because 99 out of 100 people see benefits from a given method, that does not automatically make it applicable to you. We are open to a spectrum of ways to support your journey and development and are open to suggestions and most importantly your own input and ability to execute.

Clients we work with access the strengths they already possess to build a greater foundation of confidence to build from. We also check in to see what strategies continue working well over time and whether adjustment is necessary.


We are fellow travellers and above all, we are also humans with our own ups and downs. That’s why compassion may be our most important value. We understand the journey can be difficult and it may not be quick or simple to help oneself and make changes.

While we may not have experienced the same challenges, we know the feeling of traversing difficulty and the weight of burdens that feel unshakeable. That is why we commit to patience, understanding and collaboration in crafting personalized strategies and plans that work for you and your unique life experiences.


We believe in each individual’s ability to enact real change in their lives. By showing up regularly and consistently, we can be the drivers of our own development. The team at Everyday Empathy are experienced in supporting and being supported on our journeys.

Each hurdle that our clients experience, whether mental, emotional or behavioural, are opportunities to know yourself more keenly and bring intentional attention to areas of your life that you can change and make an impact in.