Everyday Empathy sees itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive counselling and coaching services in Hong Kong. We make sure to understand each client and listen to their experiences, so that we can create a personalized plan that will empower them to make active choices and achieve positive change.

Individual Counselling

We offer individual counselling sessions where we work closely with clients taking into account their preferences in terms of therapeutic approach and pacing. Together, we identify major concerns and hurdles as well as explore areas for improvement. Whether it is career growth, healthy relationships, or general well-being, our individual counselling sessions can be of great help to helping people attain their mental wellbeing objectives.

Support Groups

Support groups are designed for individuals who share a common purpose and aspiration. This type of mental health support aims to empower each member to share and participate in order achieve growth and development for the benefit of the group.

Founders Mental Health

The founder’s journey is full of ups and downs that are felt solely and uniquely by the founder and not easily shared with others. Sometimes, these feelings can get overwhelming and isolating. It is important to remember that while each founder will face their own unique challenges, they do not have to face them alone. We advocate proactive and supportive counselling and coaching services for creators, founders and builders to help them thrive through the act of creation.

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