The founder’s journey is full of ups and downs that are felt solely and uniquely by the founder and not easily shared with others. Sometimes, these feelings can get overwhelming and isolating. It is important to remember that while each founder will face their own unique challenges, they do not have to face them alone. We advocate proactive and supportive counselling and coaching services for creators, founders and builders to help them thrive through the act of creation.


At Everyday Empathy, we see ourselves as more than just counselors. We are fellow travelers and creators who recognise that the strength of entrepreneurs and builders come from their desire to bring value – whether towards their colleagues or to a greater cause. Our approach to founders’ mental health is to empower individuals to be accountable for the choices they make and embrace mindsets that bring value and satisfaction in every task they do.

We do not see meaningful change as a battle between outcome-over-process and process-over-outcome ways of thinking. Balanced founders’ mental health weighs both the satisfaction and the journey a founder embarks on towards attaining that feeling of accomplishment. Creators, be they founders, builders or entrepreneurs, often wear their problem-solving and thinking hats to think and analyse their way through challenges – we encourage adding a sensitive and empathic feeling hat to empower our clients in finding their own solutions in our collaborative sessions.

What to Expect

How do we assist and guide individuals towards a more balanced psychological and mental well-being? Many people and media may attribute startup success and successful founders’ achievements to their inherent ability to lead. That is not what our work with founders focuses on. We believe the ability to lead empathically can be nurtured by adopting a holistic and human-centered approach that begins with a strong self-awareness and ability to relate to others in a true and honest manner.

Our approach to founders mental health counseling incorporates these important approaches:

1. Defining your vision of human potential and how you understand the process to getting there.

Every individual is prone to judging what they are capable of doing. Sometimes, that judgment is what may be limiting their vision. When working with founders and entrepreneurs, setting a goal is just the beginning, but the journey of finding their ‘how’ can unlock levels of awareness and understanding that may be surprising and meaningful in its impact across all aspects of their lives.

2. Guiding individuals in building themselves

Our approach to founders’ mental health is one of collaboration – between our counselor and the individual client. We tap into what energises them to build on their strengths and what keeps them grounded and anchored. For us, it’s important that individuals find confidence and value in what they can achieve and believe they are worthy of building the best for themselves.

3. Seeing the work resonate in individuals

It’s not uncommon for individuals to shy away from the required work to build themselves. We all know the best practices to attain health and wellness. Sustaining these practices and adapting them for our personalized ways of life is the necessary hard work we want to be there for. What we want for clients is to feel inspired rather than dictated to about how what they’re supposed to do. We always maintain an open mind in how clients engage with our counseling.

Founders’ mental health is all about helping individuals be empowered and inspired in the decisions they make and outcomes they bring to the world they live in. Contact our team at Everyday Empathy today for your mental health counseling needs.