Do you wonder if you are doing “OK”? Feeling overwhelmed and always under pressure? Do you feel like you are stuck and need a push to get yourself going? All these feelings are normal and valid.

As individuals trying to understand and navigate a rapidly changing world, it is natural, even expected, to experience challenges or feelings that you may not feel wholly able to handle alone. These may be times when you need extra support in dealing with things that are beyond your control. And a lot of those times, professional help can come very handy in helping you to overcome these challenges. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective from someone supportive and experienced in counseling and emotional support through difficult life challenges.

At Everyday Empathy, we have a team of therapists who endeavour to create a safe, comfortable and trusting environment in which you will feel free to discuss and unpack your thoughts, emotions, fears, and anything that is on your mind. As a trusted provider of individual counseling services in Hong Kong, we provide various solutions depending on the unique needs of our clients. We use an array of evidence-based treatment solutions to:

  • explore your problems down to its very roots;
  • understand your goals and how you want to overcome your problems; and
  • create personalised tools or strategies for positive change.

Counselling for everyone

We know that no one can plan for life’s challenges and ups and downs and things can feel difficult for anyone regardless of when and where you are. We offer individual counselling and comprehensive treatment services for adults experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship problems
  • Trauma

In the same breath, we also assist clients who want to develop:

  • Mindfulness
  • Self esteem
  • Work/life balance

Individual counselling suitability in Hong Kong

How do I know I’m ready for counseling?

Emotional problems can affect almost every aspect of our lives – our work, relationships, health, and our daily life as individuals. And often, solutions are harder to figure out alone.

As individuals, we are equipped with life experiences and various strategies to interact and thrive in our surroundings. For a lot of people, we develop these tools and habits from an early age with the support of friends and family. As we grow and explore opportunities in the world, we will experiment with and experience life transitions such as work, relationships and different living environments. If our life experiences and challenges start to outpace our capabilities and ability to cope, we may start to feel discomfort, or even pain, through our emotions or feelings. At these junctures, seeking professional help and support can provide a welcome space for reflection, introspection and development in coping and thriving through these challenges.

Individuals can seek counselling even when they are not in distress, as this sets a baseline, or context, for better understanding when they do experience or encounter distress. In short, there is never a ‘wrong’ time to seek counselling.

What does a first counselling session look or feel like?

Seeking help from a professional for the first time can be daunting. It is not easy to open yourself up and discuss personal issues with a stranger, however experienced or professional they are. But every meaningful relationship, whether personal or professional begins with an initial exchange, and in the case of counselling, a first session. The details of the session will vary for clients, but the general objective is to establish a rapport and to set the tone and structure for how to best help you and understand you, the client. Often, counsellors will discuss with clients what an appropriate therapeutic method or approach would look like for them.

While counsellors and therapists are often considered the professionals or ‘experts’ in any counselling session, it is highly encouraged for clients to bring their curiosity and questions into sessions. This keeps the session collaborative and creates a stronger working relationship for the counsellor and client to learn from each other. One of the core foundations of impactful counselling is to empower the client and encourage greater agency, and by harnessing and growing this curiosity, clients can better identify the possibilities and opportunities they can seize in their lives.

If you are encountering emotional issues and challenges in your daily life, work or interpersonal relationships, you should make an appointment to meet with our counselors as soon as possible. Our counselors will conduct a free introductory discussion to better understand your situation and help you identify your problems and find the appropriate solutions as soon as possible.